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          Welcome to Zhejiang Lihua Civil Explosive Co.,Ltd.!


          Our mission: to create value for customers, create opportunities for employees.

          Create profits for the shareholders, create wealth for the community.

          Our vision: to become a leader in blasting and civil explosive industry.

          Our core values: peace is gold, health is blessing.


          The ultimate goal of the enterprise is peace and health. Peace and health is the survival and development of enterprises of the true. Peace is the cornerstone of production, health is the pillar of development. Only to fully ensure the safety of equipment, personnel safety, enterprises can get long-term development, employees can enjoy the safety of enterprise production dividends, on the contrary, blindly pursue the interests of enterprises, the lack of safety education, do not pay attention to safety training, lack of safety awareness, Production, such a loss of business is not only their own future fate, but also countless families of happiness and peace.

          Contact us:

          Office Address: Zhuangshan, Suichang County, Zhejiang Province, China

          Registered Address: Zhuangshan, Suichang County, China

          Contact: Li Tiangen +86-18805786506

          Tel: +86-578-8195479

          Sales Tel: +86-578-8195482

          Looking forward to your call: +86-578-8195479   8195482
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